North Carolina Black Bear Hunting

North Carolina’s best fully guided, guaranteed opportunity trophy black bear hunts – NC black bear hunting at its finest! Why go somewhere and deer hunt with a “chance” at a black bear, when you can come hunt with Dare To Hyde and specifically target some of the largest bears in North America.


Up Close with an NC Black Bear

If you have been looking for a place to target a true trophy caliber North American black bear, then look no further. Eastern NC is home to the largest wild black bears in the world-with many B&C bears harvested each year!

The average size of all bears taken since 2014 has been over 400 pounds and the second largest Boone And Crocket bear ever taken in North America was taken on our property 4 years ago.

Key Bear Hunt Statistics:

  • 20,000+ acres of prime trophy black bear hunting habitat under management
  • Average weight of 2014 bears harvested: 449 lbs.
  • Average weight of 2015 bears harvested: 414 lbs.
  • Average weight of 2016 bears harvested: 415 lbs. 
  • Average weight of 2017 bears harvested: 480 lbs.
  • Number of bears taken in 2014: 23
  • Number of bears taken in 2015: 48
  • Number of bears taken in 2016: 53
  • Number of bears taken in 2017: 49
  • Success ratio: 97% (past 5 years)
  • Guide to guest ratio – 1:1

Dare To Hyde Adventures provides both still, spot and stalk, and dog hunts for bear depending on your hunt style preference and current bear activity. Our team of dedicated and experienced guides spends copious amounts of time in the woods scouting and locating trophy bears prior to your arrival. Once you arrive, our guides will assist you in preparing for the hunt and getting in the correct position to kill that trophy of a lifetime.

500 lb. Bear on our “Swamp Buggy”

As stated above, we actively manage over 20,000 of acres of prime bear hunting habitat in eastern North Carolina. Part of it is managed as a food source (corn, beans, etc.) while part is left as traditional dense NC undergrowth that provides outstanding cover for bears. We are careful to strategically locate our food sources in areas that insure we keep the bears on our property year round so they feel comfortable and don’t leave when we begin hunting them. The vast amount of bear hunting habitat is a key element that sets us apart from most other outfitters. With that much property, we are able to properly rotate our hunting pressure and insure the bears do not become over hunted.

2014 Feature Testimonial:

“I drove 14.5 hours from Michigan, alone, to somewhere I’d never been. Not knowing what I was about to get into while driving through the swamps and rural farm lands of north eastern NC, I had reservations to say the least. What I encountered was above any expectation…. a hunt that I’ll never forget, the trophy of a lifetime and a group of people that I don’t think could have been any nicer. Thank you ALL for the great hunt, I hope to be back again soon.” Nick Salvatore – 577 lb. Black Bear

2015 Feature Testimonials: 

“I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the Dare To Hyde guys for your hospitality and efforts during my recent bear hunt. Each time I called and spoke to you leading up to my hunt dates you were more than accommodating to all my inquiries and questions. The hunt not only exceeded my personal expectations but the bear I saw as well as the one I took have given me memories forever and I look forward to having Dennis preserve a portion of those memories with the mount he’s doing for me.  My wife fixed one of the bear roasts this weekend and I’ll have to say it’s some of the best tasting meat I ever eaten.  A 600 lb bear that eats good too, the best of both worlds.  Thanks again and good luck during the second season.  See you next duck season! Scott Karriker

“I had a great hunt. My guide Ernie and My host Rob did everything in their power to make my hunt a success, including training me in Carolina tactics . You have a special place and wonderful staff. Highly recommended !!!” Bob Holcomb


572 lb. Bear Taken during the 2014 Season

2017/18 Trophy Bear Hunting Package

  • Guaranteed Opportunity Trophy Hunt: This is a guaranteed opportunity at a trophy black bear. You are guaranteed an opportunity at a bear over 300 lbs. on this hunt. Once bears reach this size it is very difficult for even the most experienced guides to judge, but we guarantee the opportunity at a trophy bear (over 300). As you can see from our averages posted above, we average substantially larger bears each year. Your guide will provide thumbs up or thumbs down when the bear approaches. From that point it is your choice to take the bear or let it pass for a larger opportunity. If you pass on a bear the guide judges to be of a trophy caliber, or you fire at a bear and miss/wound the animal, you are due the fee. At any time during your hunt you can take a bear that is judged to be smaller than trophy size, but you are due the same fee. These are scheduled as 5 day hunts. 
Because the hunts are guaranteed, if you come hunt with us and do not have an opportunity at a trophy bear, you will only be charged the nightly service fee.
  • What your trip includes
    • Guaranteed opportunity trophy bear
    • Fully guided hunt
    • Transportation during your hunt
    • Meals
    • Lodging
    • Cleaning & caping of your bear
  • 2018 Trophy Package Rate: We charge a $500 per-night base fee to cover meals, lodging, guides and other services. Since this is a 5-day hunt, you should plan on a total base rate of $2500.00. If you are lucky enough to harvest your bear earlier in your trip and depart sooner, you will only be charged $500 per night you are in camp.
    • Base Trophy Bear Hunt Rate: $500 per night service fee
    • Opportunity/Harvest fee: $7500.00
    • So if you are successful in harvesting a trophy bear, you final rate will be $7500+$500 per night you are in camp.

2017/18 Management Bear Hunt Package – Perfect for Archery Hunters!

Due to the extreme number of bears on our properties, wildlife biologist have recommended that we increase bear harvest on several farms in order to properly manage the populations. For this reason, we will be offering a limited number of “management” bear hunts on these farms. Details below:

  • This is not a trophy hunt. While the vast numbers of bears in our area provide the opportunity for a large bear to step out at any time, these hunts are geared towards taking bears that are more in the midsize range. From 150-300 lbs on average is the target. 
  • Hunt Style – For archery and some gun hunters, you will be hunting bait sites located in the woods and throughout our properties. Typical hunt times will be from daylight until 10am, and then again from 3pm-dark. For our gun hunters, we will also offer a number of hound hunts. We can adjust your hunt style to fit your specific desires. 
  • What your trip includes:
    • 3 full days of hunting – 100% success on getting a quality shot opportunity
    • Lodging for the duration of your trip
    • Fully 1:1 guided hunt
    • Meals during your trip
    • Cleaning and caping of your bear
  • 2018 Rate:  $4500.00 + $3000 trophy fee for bear over 400 lbs. 

650+ lb. bear – Photo was taken on one of our farms summer 2015

In all of our packages, it is IMPORTANT to note that if you do pass on or miss a bear, your hunt is not necessarily over. You are allowed to hunt for the remainder of your scheduled trip in search of an animal that suits you. It is our goal to have happy, long-term customers and we do our absolute best to insure that when you depart, you have had an enjoyable and successful trip. 

Your bear hunting package includes lodging for the duration of your stay, meals, a personal guide (all hunts are 100% fully guided), the cleaning and caping of your bear, and transportation during the hunt. We also offer special rates to our bear hunting clients for duck hunting, deer hunting, or fishing. Some prefer to bear hunt the entire trip, while others prefer to mix in afternoon duck hunts or fishing trips on the Pamlico Sound. Please note: Special rates apply only to paid bear hunters and not their guests.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: please see the below link. It contains a “What To Bring” list for guests planning their trip, along with more general details.

Reservation Information: A $3000 payment is required to hold your reservation. In the event of cancelation, refunds are at the sole discretion of management. Normal policy is to allow guests to re-book their hunt 1 time within a 12 month period as long as the hunt is rescheduled at least 3 months in advance.

Trophy NC Black Bear

ALL RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE-you are not guaranteed a rate until a deposit has been received.

Additional photos and reports can be found on our Facebook Page.


577 lb. Trophy Bear taken by Nick Salvatore on a spot and stalk hunt 


Monster NC Bear





614 lb. NC Black bear taken November  Spot and stalk hunting in cut corn fields


Look at all the Black Bears!