About Us

Long considered a sportsman’s paradise, Dare and Hyde counties are composed of a unique mixture of water, barrier island beaches, and undeveloped mainland. As third generation residents of the area, the Simmons family has made a living guiding guests on the many outdoor adventures unique to this area. Dare To Hyde Adventures was born from a desire to consolidate the many opportunities the area has to offer into one business, providing the ultimate experience for each visitor. We at Dare To Hyde Adventures believe in providing only the highest quality ‘real’ adventures on the planet; this is not your typical tourism company.

We strive to provide trips that exude the values we so believe in – including honesty, excellence, and fairness.

No matter the experience you’re looking for, we offer an adventure to suit your needs. From offshore fishing to wildlife drives and hunting trips, we are the experts. Refer to the Plan Your Adventure page for additional information and specific adventure opportunities.

For more information on the people who will be responsible for your trip, please visit the Meet The Staff page.