Saltwater: The Pamlico Sound is recognized as the second largest maritime estuary in the United States. It only stands to reason then that such a productive body of water would be one of the top inshore fishing locations around. While such a large area might appear daunting to an outsider, our captains have years of experience navigating and fishing these waters and will do their best to insure a safe and successful fishing adventure. Targeted fish species include:

• Tarpon
• Red Drum
• Trout
• Flounder
• Puppy Drum
• Croaker
• Spot

Freshwater: The many lakes, creeks, and rivers in Dare and Hyde counties provide outstanding opportunities for the freshwater fishing enthusiast. Targeted fish include bass (largemouth), bream, and perch.

Commercial fishing: Commercial fishing has been a traditional occupation in eastern North Carolina for centuries. Commercial fisherman harvest state-managed species inshore and participate in federal fisheries offshore. The most valuable species harvested in the state are blue crabs, shrimp, croakers, and flounder. This adventure allows you to fish with a professional and learn how the seafood you see in restaurants is harvested! All commercial fishing trips come with the option of keeping part of your catch. The following are the different types of commercial fishing trips available:

Net Fishing: From gill nets to pound nets, this is perhaps the most prevalent commercial fishing method in Eastern N.C. Learn how to set and pull nets while harvesting a myriad of species.

Crabbing: The Pamlico Sound is one of the top areas for commercial blue crab harvest. Join a professional in the crabbing lifestyle by baiting, setting, and harvesting blue crabs.

Clamming: Travel into the bays of Hyde County where you will learn the art of raking clams.

Shrimping: There is a reason why almost every marina along the coast of mainland Hyde and Dare counties is full of shrimp trawlers—there are lots of shrimp! On this adventure, you will go out on a shrimp trawler with an experienced crew and learn the techniques and secrets of harvesting one the most loved varieties of seafood.