NC Canada And Snow Goose Hunting


IMG_1610Hyde County is rich with agricultural fields which hold large numbers of Geese — both Canada and Snow geese. No matter what type you are looking to harvest, our guides work tirelessly to find the exact location the birds are using so that you can have a great day in the field!

Our September Canada goose hunts run the whole month of September. These hunts are typically done in fields as the birds are feeding hard before the cold weather gets here. The great thing about this September season is that the limit is 15 per person! All hunts are fully guided and over the best decoys in the industry. This is a great way to start off the season as temperatures are usually pretty warm. It may be chilly in the morning (45-65 degrees) but usually warms up very quickly.


NEW for Dare to Hyde! Spring Snow Goose Hunting!!

Sunrise Snow Geese 7Come see thousands of Snow geese migrate in from the tundra to feed in the grain fields of Hyde County. Snow goose hunting is becoming more and more popular due to the increasing numbers and damage they do to farmer’s crops. It requires a lot of hard work-from large decoy spreads to intense scouting but the payoff can be HUGE! The Snow goose conservation order comes in in February and stays open until the end of March. During this time, hunters can take the plugs out of their guns and shoot as many shells as they please. Additionally, there are no limits and electronic calls can be used.


Snow Goose Moon 1 final