Roanoke Island Festival Park

This is a 25 acre interactive historic site that represents the first English settlement attempt in 1585. There are many attractions located at this one site.

The Elizabeth II is a 16th century representative ship. You are able to board and explore the Elizabeth II. You will able to help the 16th century sailors set the sails, plot a course, and swab the deck!

The Settlement Site is where the first English settled on North American soil in 1585. The actors will show visitors what the daily life was like for the sailors and soldiers who traveled the Atlantic Ocean to build a permanent colony for England.

American Indian Town is a new attraction to Roanoke Island Festival Park. It represents the American Indian Community that resembles what the English explorers investigated and witnessed during their voyage to Roanoke Island. Visitors can follow the paths that wind throughout the park and see homes, agricultural areas, and work shelters.

Roanoke Adventure Museum is a place where you can come and explore what happened on the Outer Banks after the Roanoke voyages. Children are able to dress in 16th century clothing and grown ups are able to view portraits of England’s first explorers. Stumpy The Pirate is on hand to tell jokes about the infamous Blackbeard. You will be able to view a map with all the shipwrecks and see why this stretch of the Atlantic Ocean is called “Graveyard Of  The Atlantic”.