Berkley Event Rentals

Please visit our new Berkley Manor website for additional information and photos!

Have you been looking for the perfect place to hold you’re wedding, reception, reunion, or retreat on Ocracoke Island? Look no further! The Berkley Manor is perfectly situated to host a special event for any occasion.

Beautifully decorated, and boasting a comfortable lounge area, conference room, dining area for 50+, a full commercial kitchen, and luxurious accommodations, there are few facilities that can rival what the Berkley has to offer. The best

Berkley Dining Room

part? It is situated in a secluded of spacious area of Ocracoke Island!

Our friendly and dedicated staff can assist with many of the logistical details associate with your special event. From food service, to outdoor tent and equipment rentals, to lodging and transportation for large groups, we are set up to make your experience both enjoyable and stress free!

Below you will find event rental rates and additional details. For accommodations information and photos, refer to the Berkley Manor website.